Cursed Couch    

Chromcraft Sofa Couch Mid-Century Modern 60s vintage

Cursed Divorce Couch

“I don’t think I should sell this to you, everyone that has owned it has gotten a divorce,” Kathy said. I wasn’t listening, just staring at the gleaming chrome, clean mid-century modern lines and yellow textured vinyl. “This couch is cursed.” …………

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Nikon N8008 AF Film Camera 50mm 105mm SB24 Flash

How not to become a photographer

Grow up in the cultural void known as Orlando, Florida where the only way to survive the vacuous ethos of “sun and fun” and the state motto of “We’re Glad You’re Here” will be to make art and music. Spend any free time and almost all earned income taking community college art classes, shooting photos, developing film, printing photos, setting up shoots, hanging out at galleries and searching art books in the Orlando Public Library where all the nude images reproducing some of art history’s greatest works (in both black and white as well as color reproductions) have been cut out by overzealous right wing Christian religious zealots.

Begin working at the largest art museum in Central Florida as the head preparator. Study the work of Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Dine and many others by hauling the museum’s print collection around to …….

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